Size of the Opportunity

Developing a DeFi-Powered USD and Launching a Decentralised, Scalable Stablecoin Represent Both the Greatest Challenges and Opportunities in This Field.


Stablecoins are one of three sectors in the cryptocurrency space with potential opportunities exceeding $1 trillion. We anticipate capturing over $5 billion in immediate market potential by leveraging stUSC as a yield-generating reserve asset in the DeFi market, with CHI positioned as the most attractive governance token. With the value of staked Ethereum expected to triple to over $60 billion in the next year—accounting for more than 30% of ETH's market cap—USC and CHI are poised for significant growth." Unlike other protocols that may be indifferent to their choice of liquid staking providers, the Chi Protocol is quite particular. It places a significant emphasis on the decentralisation principles of cryptocurrencies and exclusively accepts non-custodial liquid staking providers. The protocol's success is closely tied to the growth and innovation within the liquid staking ecosystem, from which it stands to benefit.

Enabling Decentralised Money

Enabling Decentralised Money: Despite their 'return-free risk' profile, current stablecoins have demonstrated clear user demand, with usage exceeding $130 billion. We consider a comparable product that offers ecosystem participants a permissionless savings return to be the most significant market opportunity that cryptocurrency can offer to people worldwide. This opportunity is even larger than both a volatile store of value or the existing stablecoins in their current form.

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