Token Utilities

CHI Utilities

Stake CHI to earn LST Yield.

By staking CHI, you earn all the ETH staking yield of the reserves. As the supply of USC expands, the protocol's LSTs also increase, automatically translating into a greater yield for CHI stakers.

Hold veCHI to Govern

By holding veCHI, you become a decision maker, helping shape the Chi community's trajectory and protocol. With your veCHI, you are granted the voting power to influence protocol parameters, steering the Chi Protocol's direction and shaping its evolution.

Hold veCHI to Boost ETH Yields

veCHI does more than give you a say in governance; it also significantly enhances your earning potential. This means your veCHI will not be just earning ETH but also more veCHI. They're actively working for you, helping to multiply your ETH staking yields and magnify your earnings.

Fees and Rewards

The Chi Ecosystem is vibrant and dynamic, continually evolving with the invaluable contributions of minters, partners, developers, and more. Recognizing the vital role these participants play, the protocol will offer various forms of incentives, such as batch solution rewards, trader incentives, and ecosystem grants, to ensure they remain sufficiently motivated to continue contributing to the robustness and vitality of the ecosystem.

Treasury Holdings and Protocol Revenue

The allocation of treasury holdings, distribution of protocol revenue, and investment in ecosystem projects are key components of the Chi Protocol's economic model. By strategically managing these resources, the protocol ensures a sustainable and thriving ecosystem that can withstand market fluctuations and continue to offer value to its users.

With its potent combination of robust governance, boosted yields, attractive incentives, and strategic treasury management, Chi Protocol is primed to offer significant value to its users and stakeholders, presenting a compelling opportunity for those who wish to participate in a high-potential DeFi protocol.

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